Field Trips and Outreach Programs

Edwardsville Children’s Museum is more than a place to explore—it’s an educational experience that builds on what children are learning in the classroom and at home.

We offer a variety of field trip and outreach programs that can be used by public schools, private schools, and homeschool communities in Edwardsville and the St. Louis region to support their curriculum. In addition, our educators are available to bring our engaging programs to your group on your schedule.

Whether we’re introducing students to a topic for the first time or immersing them in a subject they’re passionate about, ECM’s in-house educators inspire young thinkers through science, technology, history, and art.

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Field Trips Near Me in Edwardsville

Edwardsville Children’s Museum is a hands-on learning environment where children and adults interact and explore in a FUN and educational environment. Our field trips are ideal for children ages 18 months to 10 years and can be tailored for groups from 10 to 100.

  • Exploration field trip – $8/Child, $6/Adult, Teachers/Aides FREE

 Please note:

  • Field trips are scheduled for 2 hours. 
  • Field trips are available Monday through Friday. We offer private field trips on Wednesdays exclusively for groups with 50 or more people. 
  • 1 supervising adult for every 7 children is recommended.
  • We accept cash, check, Mastercard, or Visa. A non-refundable $20 deposit is required. Payment is due at the time of the field trip.

For availability, please contact us at 618.692.2094 or [email protected]

Outreach Programs

With ECM outreach programs, we bring the Museum experience to you! No need to worry about transportation for your students—sit back and watch the unique exploration unfold in your very own classroom!

Outreach Programs are priced per class and are intended to provide your students with an engaging, joyful experience. Designed to make learning come alive for students, our immersive and cross-curricular programming will spike your students’ curiosity and motivate them to discover more about the topic at hand.

Our educators are certified K-12 teachers, and all of our programming is aligned to state standards. (See age range specific programs below.)

$200 for the first 45-minute session (per class); $40 per each additional 45-minute sessions (per class) booked for the same day.

Mileage Rates:
Less than 15 miles from ECM, included
15-24 miles from ECM, $15
25-34 miles from ECM, $25
35+ miles from ECM, $35

To book a program, contact Education and Programs Manager, Amanda Pilkington at 618-692-2094 or [email protected].

girl and boy playing with a machine

Outreach & Workshop Field Trip Options

PreK - 2nd Grade

Make a joyful mess with us during this tactile, sensory experience. Use your senses during this immersive class!

Find out how to create unique and beautiful pieces of art with ordinary objects you can find anywhere!

How does your garden grow? We will teach you all about what plants need to grow. Plant your own terrarium and learn about the biology of plants!

Blast off! Learn about all things out of this world! Planets and stars come alive in this interactive, hands-on lesson.

Who knew reading and writing could be this much fun! Inspired by the zany world of Dr. Seuss, your students will learn through stories, songs, games, and crafts!

Outreach & Workshop Field Trip Options

3rd - 6th Grades

Bang, Pop, Boom! Learn all about reactions and how matter changes in this fun, hands-on experience!

Learn all about the science, math, engineering, and art that go into creating architecture in this three part series! Get Building!

In this writer’s workshop, students will earn writing techniques while creating stories with a heart. Incorporating character education and writing skills, this workshop is sure to get your class excited about expression through writing.

Engage your students in this program using art, culture, math, and character education! your students will work collaboratively to create a beautiful mandala inspired by the creations of Tibetan monks!

Incorporating science and writing concepts, your students will use research and presentation skills to learn about and build 3-D sculptures of different types of birds!

Immerse your students in the world of Ancient Egypt. Through literacy, cooperative learning, and presentation, your students will create a narrative work of art by using symbolism!

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