Rules for Safe Play & Code of Conduct

ECM’s rules for safe play and code of conduct apply to everyone in the museum—including visitors, staff, and volunteers—and ensure that the museum remains a safe and welcoming space for all.  

Rules for Safe Play

Stay and play together 

  • Grown-ups and children must stay together at all times. Adults are responsible for monitoring and assisting children in their care.  
  • Please follow your children upstairs as well. 

Use walking feet

  • Keep it safe by slowing down. Walking feet with shoes are required at all times. 

Share the space 

  • Be considerate of others playing near you. Do not throw objects.  

Help clean up

  • Cleaning up together is a fun part of learning. Help prevent damage to the exhibits so visitors after you can enjoy them, too.  

No food or drink in the museum 

  • Feel free to eat outside at the picnic tables in our Discovery Garden. 

Code of Conduct

Practice kindness towards all visitors, volunteers, and museum staff 

Use positive, kind, and respectful language
  • Discriminatory or aggressive language and harassment, will not be tolerated. We encourage our visitors and community to join ECM in ongoing learning about how we can create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. 
Respect all other people in this space 
  • Ableism, ageism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, or prejudice based on ability, appearance, asylum status, class, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, nationality, or religion is not welcome at ECM, and will not be tolerated. Be aware of, and respect, the emotional and social boundaries of others. 
Help all children and families have a safe and enjoyable visit 
  • Share the spaces, toys, and exhibits with others. Take turns when playing. Don’t throw or swing objects. Be careful of energetic movements around younger children, especially those who are crawling or toddling.  
Stay home if unwell 
  • If you or anyone in your party is experiencingsymptoms of illness, please stay home. You may be asked to wear a mask if you exhibit noticeable symptoms, such as coughing.  

 Practice kindness towards all spaces and exhibits

Take care of the exhibits 
  • Our exhibits are designed to be touched and played with, but do avoid causing damage beyond normal wear and tear. Place any object that children have put into their mouths or otherwise soiled into one of the mouthing bags provided in each exhibit space; we will clean and sanitize it. Alert museum staff if an exhibit component becomes damaged. 
Clean up before you move on 
  • Help reset an area when you leave so the next family to use the space can have fun, too. Replace toys or craft supplies to the area they came from. Alert museum staff if an area needs extra attention.  

Anyone who fails to follow the rules and code of conduct above—or who otherwise creates an unsafe or unwelcoming environment for others—may be asked to leave the museum. If you witness someone violating these rules, please speak to a staff member so that we can address the matter immediately. 

Please review the Rules for Safe Play and Code of Conduct with the children in your group before you visit and help them if they need reminding throughout your visit. 

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